Why I Am Not A Feminist

Because feminists are much bossier than men are.

“I Want To Meet My Mother..”

Do I Really Need Feminism?

Judithann Campbell:

Thank you, Heather at Babe With a Backbone, for a great post!

Originally posted on Babe With A Backbone:

I’ve been working in Washington DC for two months now. In one month I’ll be returning home to Laramie, Wyoming.

It’s quite a different environment.

For one, I never have to dress in pencil skirts and flattering blouses while I walk around in downtown Laramie. And I’m not going to lie here – I’m pretty body positive when it comes to how I look in pencil skirts.

But today on my lunch break I was on my usual walk to Subway when someone in a passing car catcalled me, making me extremely uncomfortable for all of two minutes before I got distracted with my Subway.

I had a brief moment of extreme anger where I thought, “This is why I need feminism.”

But is it really? Was I justified in that thought, or was I simply caught up in the moment?

What even is feminism?

Let’s go back in time…

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One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you, mommyx4boys for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award :) Her blog is Trying to Make Things Right, and the address is http://mommyx4boys.wordpress.com/. Trying to Make Things Right is one of my favorite blogs, and I am so flattered that mommyx4boys has nominated me for this award!

In order to qualify for this award, there are 4 things which must be done: 1) Thank the blogger who nominated you. 2) Display the One Lovely Blog Award logo on your blog 3) Share seven things about yourself, and 4) Nominate 15 bloggers whom you admire for the One Lovely Blog Award.Tell the bloggers whom you have nominated that they have been nominated in a comment on their blog.

So, ok, here goes: seven things about myself? 1) I was name after St. Jude, the saint of the impossible 2) I have 30 first cousins 3) I have traveled all around the U.S., and have lived in Alaska and Hawaii 4) I drove the AlCan Highway in the middle of winter, before cell phones 5) I love winter 6) I have worked a great deal as a telemarketer, and am pretty good at it 7) I love Game of Thrones, and cannot wait till next season!

Here are the fifteen bloggers I am nominating for the One Lovely Blog Award: please click on the links and check out their blogs, they are great!

1) http://insanitybytes2.wordpress.com/

2) http://belleofthelibrary.com/

3) http://vrkaine.wordpress.com/

4) http://briannanlc.wordpress.com/

5) http://younggmomma.wordpress.com/

6) http://pastorsusan.net/

7) http://fatherofafeminist.wordpress.com/

8) http://outstandingbachelor.com/

9) http://warfighterfoundation.wordpress.com/

10) http://ahumblehousewife.com/

11) http://callakenney.wordpress.com/

12) http://justasktina.me/

13) http://oscarrivera.me/

14) http://themakingofahome.wordpress.com/

15) http://politicalanimalblog.com/


Thanks, mommyx4boys, you made my day :)




Gamed by Intelligence

Judithann Campbell:

The government just keeps getting worse and worse; Thank you, insanitybytes22 for calling our attention to this!

Originally posted on See, there's this thing called biology...:

Eglin Air Force Base Busted Gaming Reddit

The Worst trolls on the Internet are Government Trolls

Just more of my usual shrieking hysterically into cyberspace about the need for internet privacy. Manipulating page views, trolling sites for content, trying to monopolize discussions, engineering and forcing public opinion. Lovely things, indeed, right out of a science fiction thriller.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my secret underground bunker, huddled around a squiggly light bulb, eating a can of spam, and pondering the decline of Western civilization.




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An Extended Look At the Patriarchy

Judithann Campbell:

Another great post on Disorderly Politics, Thank you, Briannanlc!

Originally posted on Disorderly Politics :

In my last post on feminism (which I promise isn’t the only thing I talk about, I’m just on a roll here) I briefly touched upon why the concept of the patriarchy, to me, doesn’t hold up under scrutiny. I decided to delve a little deeper into that idea since the fact that the patriarchy both exists and is a problem is one of the core ideas of modern feminism. It should be noted that I’m talking about the modern West here, specifically America, as that is where I live and the place I am most familiar with. I fully acknowledge the foibles of my country’s past in regards to gender and the legitimate and truly harmful patriarchies that currently exist in other places–Saudi Arabia, China, and the like. But I find it hard to swallow (Offensive sex pun? Maybe.) that the phrase “Fight the patriarchy!” has any place in…

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