Why I Am Not A Feminist

Because feminists are much bossier than men are.

Gamed by Intelligence

Judithann Campbell:

The government just keeps getting worse and worse; Thank you, insanitybytes22 for calling our attention to this!

Originally posted on See, there's this thing called biology...:

Eglin Air Force Base Busted Gaming Reddit

The Worst trolls on the Internet are Government Trolls

Just more of my usual shrieking hysterically into cyberspace about the need for internet privacy. Manipulating page views, trolling sites for content, trying to monopolize discussions, engineering and forcing public opinion. Lovely things, indeed, right out of a science fiction thriller.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in my secret underground bunker, huddled around a squiggly light bulb, eating a can of spam, and pondering the decline of Western civilization.




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An Extended Look At the Patriarchy

Judithann Campbell:

Another great post on Disorderly Politics, Thank you, Briannanlc!

Originally posted on Disorderly Politics :

In my last post on feminism (which I promise isn’t the only thing I talk about, I’m just on a roll here) I briefly touched upon why the concept of the patriarchy, to me, doesn’t hold up under scrutiny. I decided to delve a little deeper into that idea since the fact that the patriarchy both exists and is a problem is one of the core ideas of modern feminism. It should be noted that I’m talking about the modern West here, specifically America, as that is where I live and the place I am most familiar with. I fully acknowledge the foibles of my country’s past in regards to gender and the legitimate and truly harmful patriarchies that currently exist in other places–Saudi Arabia, China, and the like. But I find it hard to swallow (Offensive sex pun? Maybe.) that the phrase “Fight the patriarchy!” has any place in…

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Women are ready for combat, more or less

Judithann Campbell:

This post from HIgh Plains Blogger asks common sense questions about women in combat. Thank you, John Kanelis, for a great post!

Originally posted on High Plains Blogger:

This blog post is going to get me in trouble with some of my female friends.

Here goes anyway: I have trouble accepting that women are capable of performing as infantry personnel in combat.

There I said it. Now I’ll explain why.


The Washington Post reports on an experiment under way in the Marine Corps, where women will be taking the same Physical Fitness Test as men. As the Post reports: “The PFT requirement is the likely sticking point for many female Marines: To score a first-class PFT, men must do at least five pull-ups, assuming they rack up maximum points by running three miles in 18 minutes or less and complete 100 sit-ups. Under current rules for female Marines, women are not required to complete pull-ups.”

I’ll stipulate that I am well aware that women are performing well in some dangerous and deadly assignments in all branches of…

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I am NOT a Feminist. Here’s Why . . .

Judithann Campbell:

While I disagree with the author’s position on abortion, this post from Disorderly Politics is an eloquent critique of modern feminism. Thank you, Briannanlc, for a great post!

Originally posted on Disorderly Politics :

Yeah. It’s going to be one of those posts. And it’s going to be long winded, so buckle in–I promise to get to the juicy stuff eventually. I am a woman (a black, working class, atheistic woman, to drive home the point of my utter tokenism), and I am not a feminist. Frankly, I find it irritating when people insist that I am. And since not being a feminist is something looked down upon, I decided to make this post to further explain my reasoning. I’m laying down my cards, so to speak, providing the different point of view that liberals such as myself love so much to bring to the table.

I’m not unrelenting in this belief–if any feminist wants to provide counterpoints, I will be liable to listen to you with an open mind. I won’t be contrary for the sake of being contrary, or argumentative for the…

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Obvious Child

Judithann Campbell:

Obvious child is not popular with audiences; thank you, David’s Commonplace Book, for a great post.

Originally posted on David's Commonplace Book:

Obvious Child is the name of a new film which seems to be a romantic comedy exploring the lighter side of abortion. Apparently some critics like the idea while most conservatives hate it, along with the audience, whose opinion should matter most considering they are the ones who are expected to buy tickets to see the movie. Jonah Goldberg has some things to say about the wider implications of this film’s failure at the box office which I caught in his column at Real Clear Politics.

In the film Obvious Child, Jenny Slate plays Donna Stern, a stand-up comedian who specializes in making jokes about her private parts, with the occasional foray into fart humor. She is about to go onstage. Her friend offers her some encouragement: “You are going to kill it out there!”

Donna replies: “I actually have an appointment to do that tomorrow.”

Donna’s talking about her abortion…

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